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Anonyme asked: Do u know if it's true if that justin is going to cairo on the 25 th of April ??

haven’t any idea of what you speak about.
And i just never believe in rumors.

+ if Justin was over there where is the problem? 

( i YOU readers you have the answer please tell me and i’ll send it on the tumblr thank uuuuuuuuuu :) )

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Never stop smiling.

pale-queen asked: Wow Justin Bieber is so amazing. He spits on his fan's heads, and acts like a total dick all the time. He even said that rape happens for a reason. Why do people like you still worship him? Because frankly any reason to like such an ass eludes me.

First of all I think before judging a person try to know all this person does. 

Secondly, it’s because from YOUR point of you he mades ” bad things “. But when it’s your friend or a child in your school you don’t care? SO why you care about Justin ( I suppose you don’t like him. )  ?
And justin is more than just a simply singer for me. It’s probably stupid yes, but i don’t care. He means so much for me, I support him since 2009 now, and isn’t because he drinks or smokes or whatever I will stop support him. 

So yes, Wow Justin Bieber is so amazing. 

Jeliebers relationship

So sexual.

Have you just ever saw this photo?

I love you, you are amazing my love

Sexy in black !

My little prince